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Oct, 2019

Intro to FUT

FIFA Ultimate Team Explained in 5 Minutes!

What is FUT?

Here’s your chance to bring together the world’s best and build your ultimate team. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), the most popular game mode of the FIFA franchise, is where you can build your own fantasy team of your favorite soccer players and put them to action on the pitch. You will find that your club always needs work! Besides selecting the players on your team, you have total control of the tactics, transfers, uniform and manager of your club!

Starting Off

When you start FIFA Ultimate Team, you will pick a nation and you will get a starter pack. These are your first players in your club! Players are separated by rating into three levels: bronze, silver and gold obviously being the highest level.

Your starter team won’t be great.....but don’t worry as soon you will get better players!

Earning Coins

There are four main ways to earn coins to buy new players! These are completing objectives, playing matches, trading, and opening packs!

Completing Objectives: Easy to complete but only tiny rewards

Playing Matches: The most consistent and fun way to earn coins!

Trading: Buy and resell players smartly on the transfer market for a profit! With some thought, this can be a quick way to make a lot of coins.

Opening Packs: FUT’s version of the lottery. Pay a fee to open up packs of random players. Hopefully luck will be with you and you’ll pack a high rated player!

Improving Your Team

Hopefully after using those four ways to earn coins, eventually you will have enough to start buying new players for your team from the transfer market. Maybe you’ll even get lucky opening packs and pack Messi, Ronaldo or an Icon (Legend) player! With some time, effort and luck, hopefully your squad will look like Eden Hazard’s soon!

Weekend League & Division Rivals

Weekend League and Division Rivals are FIFA’s ranked modes. Division Rivals is a skill-driven promotion/relegation rank system which allows you to earn “FUT Champions Points” every match you play. Every week based on the number of games you play, you will receive coins and pack rewards to strengthen your team!

Once you get to 2000 points from Division Rivals, you can enter into FIFA’s FUT Champions Weekend League, which is FIFA’s most competitive game mode. It takes place from Friday to Sunday, where you are slated 30 online matches to play against other high ranked FIFA players. Based on the number of games you win will put you on a rank. The more games you win, the higher the chances of being on the global leaderboards and earning huge rewards!

Now you know all the basics to FIFA’s most popular mode, Ultimate Team, start building your club and compete!

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